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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Collecting Vinyl Today

Unlike some of the questionable trends of the 1970s and 80s - think shoulder pads, platform shoes, leg warmers and spandex - collecting vinyl isn’t a trend that is going to die out anytime soon.

Now if you’re not an avid vinyl collector yet, firstly, why not? Secondly, here are a few reasons why you should start collecting vinyl today.

1. It Is An Active Experience

Collecting vinyl is an entire experience in itself, from making a trip to a record store or looking online at all there is to offer, then narrowing down some options and finally deciding on what record will be returning home with you.

The active, not passive, experience of searching and sourcing vinyl is what makes it so much more engaging than simply streaming a bunch of recently played tracks.

2. A Vinyl Record Is Tangible

When you invest in a piece of vinyl, receiving it is like opening a Christmas present. You tear off the shrink wrap, pull the sleeve out of the jacket, carefully take out the vinyl and dote at its magnificent and tactile beauty.

Records often include lots of cool album artwork and liner notes that you can examine; a far more involved personal experience than scrolling through a screen of stamp-sized album covers. Plus, you can display your records around your house for the ultimate music-lovers' decor.

3. Vinyl Offers A Sound That Digital Doesn't

The White Stripes frontman Jack White knows a thing or two about vinyl records, championing the format with releases on his Third Man Records label. Jack spoke for his love of vinyl to Sound On Sound in 2014, revealing his belief that "the actual sound of analogue is 10 times better than that of digital.”

Vinyl records are a lossless format, using analogue technology to reproduce sound, meaning nothing is lost from the audio, unlike digital formats where frequencies are compressed to the reduce the data size of streaming music. While lossless digital formats exist and are scientifically strictly different to vinyl rather than inferior, many agree that the intangibles of warmth, richness and complexity of wax beat out WAVs every time.

"If you want vibe, warmth, soulfulness, things like that, you will always be drawn back to analogue." - Jack White

4. To Discover New Music And Communities

There are thousands upon thousands of records out there that have never been digitally converted. Vinyl gives you the chance to explore a whole new range of artists and genres you probably wouldn’t have discovered had you stuck to the algorithms of streaming playlists.

The chance to scout out the hot record stores and choice charity shops to dig up some vinyl treasure is another sociable side-effect of record collecting. You can even get a snap outside of the well-known or quirky record stores to show all your pals just how cool you are on social media. Post-lockdown, of course!

Even behind the screen of your computer or phone, events like Record Store Day - the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate our unique culture - are more immersive and exciting when waiting for that limited edition of 300 coloured variant drop!

5. Experience Albums The Way The Artist Wanted You To

When you read a great book do you skip chapters? No. Then why do we listen to our favourite artists' masterpieces in arbitrary sections? Musicians want you to have the entirety of their full artistic vision when you listen to their albums. The physical act of listening to albums on vinyl encourages you to take in each album from start to finish, just how they were meant to be heard.

If you’re thinking of venturing into the weird and wonderful world of vinyl, have a browse of the Townsend Music Store and let us know over on our social channels - don’t forget to tag #TownsendMusicUK in your first or latest purchases!



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