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TM Breakthrough Vol. 18

A new season is upon us, so it's only right to introduce you to a host of artists on Townsend Music that you're going to want to add to your autumn playlists. From soothing soul to new-wave-inspired synth-pop with some fuzzy glam rock and a slug of doom metal thrown in for good measure, we have the perfect mix to get you prepped (somewhat) for sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes on tap.


The Jordan - Nowhere Near The Sky

FFO: Caro Emerald

Dutch singer and songwriter Caroline Van der Leeuw returns to the scene with a new name, new sound, and new mission. Her game-changing debut solo album Nowhere Near The Sky, produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything) marks a new chapter in the artist's career; one that rewrites Caroline's story as the former singer of Dutch pop group Caro Emerald.

The themes of the album reflect her new outlook on life, with issues of identity, new starts, self-determination, and empowerment. The singer explains how she wanted to reframe from producing anything similar to Caro Emerald, "Taking another alias that sounded a bit like Caro Emerald would have been too confusing. But I didn’t want to ‘become’ someone else: I just wanted to be me."

"The freedom of starting out with a new name is huge - it immediately tells people that this is a brand new start." Caroline Van der Leeuw, The Jordan

Nowhere Near The Sky is available to pre-order on exclusive turquoise vinyl alongside signed CD and merchandise.


Leah Weller - Freedom

FFO: Paul Weller

London singer-songwriter Leah Weller announces her long-awaited debut album, Freedom, following a decade-long career on catwalks and modelling for the likes of Vivienne Westwood. The album was recorded between studios in Surrey and Devon in 2020 with producer Steve Cradock (who also plays the guitar for her legendary dad Paul Weller and in Ocean Colour Scene).

Her latest single 'Wonder' explores themes of overthinking and dealing with an egoic mind: "Why doubt yourself? Why give yourself a hard time for no reason? It's cathartic to be able to write these things into a song, usually more so than to talk about it."

Freedom arrives on 21st October 2022. Pre-order from the official store on limited edition clear vinyl and black vinyl.


Nancy - English Leather

FFO: Tigercub, Fat White Family

Nancy aka Jamie Hall, who also plays in Brighton band Tigercub, announces his debut album English Leather.

The latest single Would You Be My Judy? is a glammy pop number inspired by when the singer first moved from Sunderland to Brighton. Speaking on the track, he explains that it was written during a time when he was discovering who he was: "When I was learning who I was, experimenting and exploring everything that life had to offer me."

Pre-order English Leather exclusively on signed green vinyl alongside CD and cassette.


MMXX - Sacred Cargo

FFO: The Foreshadowing, Daylight Dies

Global doom metal group MMXX announce their debut album Sacred Cargo which will arrive this November on Candlelight Records. The band consists of Andrea Chiodetti (Grimness), Egan O'Rourke (Daylight Dies) and Jesse Haff (NationBuilder). They formed during the initial lockdown as a way of processing what was happening within the world at that time.

Speaking on the band's formation, guitarist Andrea Chiodetti explains: "What makes this project unique is that every piece and its lyrics (provided by each singer)all composed during the height of the pandemic, is able to give voice to a deeply intimate part of all of us." As a result, they produced their debut album Sacred Cargo, a dynamic and diverse release that reflects on an experience the whole world can relate to.

"They're lyrics that belong to every person who lived through and shared that collective experience." - Andrea Chiodetti, MMXX

MMXX's debut album Sacred Cargo is available to pre-order on limited edition turquoise vinyl and CD from the Candlelight Records Store.


Softcult - Zodiac EP

FFO: Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney

Canadian twins Mercedes and Phoenix Arn Horn are Softcult and they produce self-described grungey-shoegaze-indie tunes. The Ontario-based duo dropped their debut EP Year Of The Rat in 2021 and followed that up with their second EP Year Of The Snake earlier in April. The sisters are now about to release both EPs combined on vinyl for the first time ever as the Zodiac EP.

The powerhouse duo's ethos is addressing important, sometimes political, topics to empower their fans.

"We feel a responsibility – almost a desperation – to change things before our time is over” - Softcult

The Zodiac EP is available to pre-order from the official store on limited edition black vinyl.


wwewantwraiths - Heartwewantwraiths

FFO: Mowgs, Nafe Smallz

Leicester-born rapper Wewantwraiths began his career by uploading tracks on his own YouTube channel, which has managed to gain nearly 100,000 subscribers and over 20 million views within the first year. This year the artist caught the attention of Vogue UK, who listed them as part of their 22 Musicians Set To Rule 2022.

"wewantwraiths has quickly become a sensation, amassing millions of views and streams with his high-octane, catchy take on trap-wave" Vogue UK

The up-and-coming artist just dropped a collaboration with Nafe Smallz called 'Most Wanted' - the perfect introduction to the cult of wewantwraiths.

Debut album Heartbrokechild is available to pre-order on CD alongside exclusive merch from the official store.



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