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Dannii Minogue - Interview & Picture Disc Giveaway

Today, Australian pop and TV superstar Dannii Minogue releases the 20th-anniversary edition of her dance-pop colossus Neon Nights on London Recordings.

Dannii has kindly answered Townsend Music's questions and we are very proud to offer our community the chance to win a picture disc of Neon Nights 20, plus a Neon Nights: "Dirty Hands I Demand" Tote Bag to carry it in!


"It’s one thing to create an excellent three-and-a-half-minute dance-pop song, but another to sustain the appeal over an entire album. Kylie managed it with Fever, Madonna followed suit on Confessions on a Dance Floor. Dannii’s contribution to the genre on Neon Nights is every bit as good as those classics." - IDOLATOR

Neon Nights is the perfect snapshot of the early noughties dance-pop zeitgeist, propelled by a veritable pick and mix of the European dance production scene, including Ian Masterson, Korpi & Blackcell, Neïmo and Terry Ronald.

Dannii’s album spawned 4 UK Top Tens smashes and 13 No.1 spots across the UK Dance Charts, including 'Put The Needle On It'

TM: What was the Original concept behind the Neon Nights album?

Dannii Minogue: The concept behind Neon Nights: to make something pop and disco and a bit dirty. That's where "Dirty Hands I Demand" came in. There's a lot of heavy breathing on there!

Someone somewhere in Sweden has a lot of tracks of me moaning and groaning, but it was meant to be sexy and clubby, and I feel like it was such a great time for me to explore that. It was like I wanted to go out clubbing. I was that girl, and the album is the sound of that life that I had.

TM: Are you surprised with your fans' continued dedication to physical formats in the streaming age?

DM: Being a fan of music myself, I get it. When there's a song that you love and you want the physical format. The fact that this is back now is so exciting because it went out for a while. It was all phased out. But the thrill of having a C.D. and a jewel case or a vinyl record that you can pull in and out and look at it, read all of the notes and really check out the artwork is something special. And my family still today, we have family conversations where we talk about best family moments growing up. And a lot of those are us around the record player playing a record.

To celebrate 20 years of Neon Nights, London Recordings revisit the album across multiple formats, including Limited Edition Picture Disc and 7CD Box set alongside CD/DVD, Deluxe CD editions and exclusive merchandise.

The Neon Nights 20 Picture Disc is an Official Bootleg Edition, featuring classic mash-ups ‘Begin To Spin Me Round’ (Dannnii vs Dead or Alive) and ‘Don’t Wanna Lose This Groove’ (Dannii vs Madonna) on a double-sided vinyl picture disc in PVC sleeve with sticker.

All Neon Nights 20 formats and merchandise are out now on the Dannii Minogue Official Store.

Enter our exclusive giveaway to be in with a chance of winning a Neon Nights 20 Picture Disc, plus a Neon Nights: Dirty Hands I Demand Tote Bag to carry it in!

The winner will be chosen on Monday 26th June 2023.

N.B: If the competition entry module is inaccessible, enter the giveaway directly via the button below.



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