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Demon Records Singles Club - Exclusive Test Pressing Giveaway

Demon Music Group have launched the Official Store for the Demon Records Singles Club, a carefully-curated and deep celebration spanning various dance genres, from soul to disco and house to techno. To celebrate, Townsend Music has a set of test pressings of the first eight releases in this groovy collection to give away to one lucky winner!


The Demon Records Singles Club is curated by Demon Music Group's Dom Williams, a successful DJ and avid vinyl collector and a man who has experienced the impact of a great single in a club or at home, first-hand. The Demon Records Singles Club is obsessed with rare records; the wider grooves; the deeper cuts; the artwork; the house bags; and is here to celebrate and champion 7- and 12-inch singles culture in all its analogue glory.

The carefully curated selection of sought-after and classic singles includes tracks by Urban Cookie Collective, Strike/Lovestation, Freestylers, Shaun Escoffery and Rosie Gaines. With new singles released bi-monthly, we take a closer look at some of our favourites from the first drop.

Urban Cookie Collective

The Key, The Secret / Feels Like Heaven 12" Single

Urban Cookie Collective was founded by Rohan Heath in the late 80s. 'The Key, The Secret' was the groups first single from their debut album High On A Happy Vibe.

The track was an instant hit landing at the top of the charts across Europe and today the track is widely regarded as one of the biggest dance music anthems of the 90s.

Flip this new 12" edition over and on the B-side is 'Feels Like Heaven', the follow-up to 'The Key, The Secret' and another mega chart smash in the UK and across Europe.



U Sure Do / Teardrops 12" Single

On Side A of this Fresh Records double-sider we have the mega club hit 'U Sure Do' by Strike. Featured on the group's only album I Saw The Future, 'U Sure Do' would go on to peak at #4 in the UK charts and #1 in the UK Dance Singles Charts. Widely considered one of the biggest dance anthems of the 90s, this is an essential reissue.

Flip it over and we’re in equally good company: Lovestation’s 'Teardrops', on the B-side, reached #14 in the UK Singles Chart and was a massive garage hit regularly played by everyone from Todd Edwards to Zed Bias.

To complete the set Demon Records have added quality mixes from Flava and Joey Negro (Dave Lee) and it’s housed in the classic Fresh Records sleeve.



Ruffneck / B-Boy Stance 12" Single

Freestylers formed in 1996 when DJs and producers Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey joined forces. Two years later Freestylers would release their debut album We Rock Hard on the legendary imprint Freskanova.

We Rock Hard would become their most commercially successful release to date and this reissue cherry-picks four of the biggest tracks from the album. 'B-Boy Stance', 'Ruffneck', 'Here We Go' and 'Warning' all showcase the classic big beat and breakbeat electronica that would remain the band's trademark sound throughout their career.

Newly remastered, Ruffneck / B-Boy Stance is now available in a 12” discobag sleeve featuring the original artwork.


Shaun Escoffery

Days Like This 12" Single

Originally released in 2002, 'Days Like This' is a classic in every sense of the word. The record was Shaun Escoffery's second single and it went on to cement his place as one of the most exciting British artists to emerge in Soulful House.

Remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering, the single now features mixes from K-Klass and Spen & Karizma.

For the very first time, Demon Records will release MJ Cole’s majestic mix of Shaun’s debut single 'Space Rider', appearing on vinyl for the first time!


Rosie Gaines

Closer Than Close 12" Single

Beginning her career in 1985 recording and performing with The Curtis Ohlson Band, Rosie Gaines came to notoriety when she became a member of Prince & The New Power Generation.

After the release of her fifth album Closer than Close in 1995, she was dropped from Motown Records, yet two years later, a remix of the title track from the album was released as a single by Big Bang Records, after it had appeared on bootlegs. It was highly successful in the UK, reaching #4 on the UK Singles Chart in May 1997 and selling over 8 million copies worldwide.

Newly remastered, this single features mixes from the creator of house music himself Frankie Knuckles and legendary house & garage producer Tuff Jams.


Also available on the Demon Records Singles Club Official Store is the 12" single of William DeVaughn's 'Be Thankful For What You Got' and 7" singles of Rhyze's 'Just How Sweet Is Your Love' and Greg Henderson's 'Dreamin'.

Working in collaboration with their licensed labels and artists including SAM Records, Easy Street, HDH, Fresh Records and more, Demon are committed to recreating exceptional artwork, tracking down and remastering the original audio – no matter how long it takes - and creating singles which are equal to, if not better than the originals.

Enter Townsend Music's exclusive giveaway to win a set of rare test pressings of the first eight releases from the Demon Records Singles Club.

The winner will be chosen on Monday 13th March 2023.

N.B: If the competition entry module is inaccessible, enter the giveaway directly via the button below.


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