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Feeder - Picture Disc Giveaway

Today, beloved Newport rockers Feeder release their ambitious double album Black / Red on Big Teeth Music via Townsend Music / Absolute Label Services, a record described as "expensive, expressive and inspiring" by AllMusic.

To celebrate, we have a set of two 12" vinyl picture disc editions of Feeder's new album Black / Red and 2022's Torpedo to give away to one lucky winner.


Feeder's Black / Red completes a trilogy of albums joined to 2022’s UK Top 5 album Torpedo and follows a run of new singles that have catalogued roller-coaster rides of self-discovery and reasoned with how to bridge the void when love feels far away.

Songs across Black / Red carry with them the same sense of wide-open space, freedom and possibility, aligned with an optimistic energy that first lit the fuse for Torpedo. Cohesive and connected rather than a concept, Black / Red is a continuation of Torpedo’s conversation but also a full stop on a prolific songwriting period that encapsulates a very specific moment in time for the band.

Feeder’s first-ever double album became the perfect way for them to not only realise what these songs mean together in the present day but also to show the breadth of a sound they’ve honed across the decades, taking in muscular riffs, sky-scraping melodies and heartfelt sentiment. The latest single 'Hey You' hits its highs as a contemplative, swelling and triumphant new offering from the double album project.

Talking about the new album, vocalist, guitarist and writer Grant Nicholas says: “I really wanted the album to be split in two parts for the listener, CD1 and CD2, black and red rather than be one long player, almost like a musical production with an interval... Making the Black / Red album for me personally was a musical pilgrimage and I feel the end result is undeniable Feeder.”

Black / Red is available on the Official Feeder Store on Exclusive Clear Heavyweight Double Vinyl, Signed 2CD and Coloured Cassette, along with merchandise and performance tickets.

Win 12" vinyl picture disc editions of Feeder's new album Black/Red and 2022's Torpedo.

The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 15 2024.

N.B: If the competition entry module is inaccessible, enter the giveaway directly via the button below.

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