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How To Store Your Music Collection

Whether you began collecting records back when you were a spring chicken or if you are just setting off on your musical journey, preparation is the key to success. There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to spin your favourite feel-good album, but not being able to because you can't find it amongst the masses of music in your collection.

Allow Townsend Music to give you a short burst of inspiration on how to store your records the right way - and perhaps have them looking like a piece of modern art in the process.

“My record collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words.” - Colleen Murphy
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Cool And Dry

Vinyl records and CDs consist of materials that are sensitive to environmental factors, such as dust, damp and direct sunlight. The environment your collection is stored in has a crucial impact on the longevity of the artwork and the vinyl itself.

Records stored in hot or damp conditions can cause the vinyl to warp. The sensible way to store your records and CDs is in a dry, cool room with plenty of ventilation and one that is not susceptible to damp, hot conditions or any direct sunlight.

Smoke And Pet Free Environment

This eBay-listing classic is a desirable state of affairs for a reason; as cute and cuddly as our furry friends are, them getting their paws on your cherished record collection ain't so sweet. It is also well worth keeping your collection in a room that is not prone to any odours and or unwanted smells. Nobody wants to be spinning Abbey Road with a side helping of stale cigarette smoke.

Stay Away From My Records, Cupcake

Clean Before Replacing

Cleaning a record before replacing it in its sleeve or case is a good habit to get into; think of it as a part of your music listening routine. Just like you would clean your teeth before bed, wipe your records and CDs before you return them to their sleeves/cases and place them back on the shelf until you take them for their next spin.

CDs are one of the most durable formats of music but their longevity can be hindered with a lack of tender loving care and the same goes for sensitive, scratchable vinyl. Regularly clean your collection to preserve its musical magic for many years and generations to come.

Stacks Cause Cracks

Here in the vinylverse, stacking records on top of each other is a big no-no. The cumulative weight of vinyl in a vertical stack can potentially warp, damage and even crack your records, as well as being more likely to scuff and scratch your beautiful sleeves.


Store your vinyl upright and horizontally instead!

DO ✔️

Inner And Outer Sleeves

If you are a vinyl collector who likes to pick up a second-hand record or two, investing in a new set of quality inner sleeves for your records to replace the originals is a must - old paper inners may well be teeming with dust invisible to the eye that can clog up the grooves on a record as quickly as you can clean them.

To preserve the beauty of your records' 12" artwork, slipping them into archival-quality plastic outer sleeves is your best bet for longevity and the transparent covers make the record artwork shine to boot. Both inner and outer sleeves can be purchased online at prices that make them a wise investment.

CD Wallets

A lot of us can hold our hands up to being guilty of neglecting our CDs when it comes to storage. You know the scene - you take the CD out of the case to put in your car stereo then once you've completed your jam session, you throw the cd into the glove or side compartment and leave it there until the next time.

If you are struggling for space or want something practical for when you're on the move or in your car, CD Wallets are an ingenious invention. These clever cases have a durable nylon outer shell to protect your CDs and could be the answer to all of your storage space-related prayers. Case Logic is the market leader and their products are excellent but you can find wallet solutions from a whole host of manufacturers across different sizes and volumes. Just be sure to recycle the plastic CD cases responsibly!

Get Organised

Having your record collection organised saves the wear and tear of searching through spines and pulling out the wrong wax. There are tons of weird and wonderful ways you can organise your collection: you could opt for the classic A-Z theme or categorize them by genre, release year, or label, or if you wanted to venture down a more creative direction you could colour-coordinate them - whatever works!

Take a look at our How To Organise Your Record Collection blog post to get some inspiration on organising your collection from some of our trusty Townsend Music customers.

Shelves And Racks

Shelving and racks are a worthy investment when it comes to storing vinyl and CDs. You can find a range of music-dedicated shelves and racks suitable to your taste and aesthetic available online and at most furniture retailers.

We suggest making your collection the focal point of a room. Devote an entire wall or even room to your records and impress your pals when they come around with your beautifully arranged and organised records collection.

📸 Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash

Looking to expand your record and CD collection? Head to Townsend Music to shop exclusive, signed, rare and limited-edition range.

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