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Reytons - Interview & Signed Zoetrope Vinyl Giveaway

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Today, South Yorkshire indie rockers Reytons release their highly-anticipated second album What's Rock And Roll? Armed with nothing but immense talent, self-belief and good old-fashioned graft, the band teamed up with Townsend Music to deliver the record while standing by their explosive ethos: No Label. No Backing. All Reytons! Available on their Official Store on no less than six chippy-themed coloured vinyl formats, the record was also pressed on a limited edition Blood Records Zeotrope Vinyl variant, which has now completely sold out. To mark the occasion, we spoke to singer Jonny Yerrell and proudly offer a Zoetrope Vinyl variant of the album for one lucky winner, signed by the band.


Emerging from South Yorkshire in 2017 and comprised of vocalist and lyricist Jonny Yerrell, bassist Lee Holland, lead guitarist Joe O'Brien and Jamie Todd on drums, Reytons' road to What's Rock And Roll? was paved with a series of well-received EPs, culminating in the release of debut album Kids Off The Estate in 2021.

Selling out Sheffield venues from their local pub to The Leadmill, doubling capacity each step of the way, their live journey reaches its apex with a huge show at Sheffield Arena - already well on its way to selling out - on 30th September 2023.

"We are an independent, unsigned, local band from South Yorkshire... AND WE'RE WELL ON OUR WAY TO COMPLETELY SELLING OUT SHEFFIELD ARENA!! Who'd have thought it ey? What a response…" - Reytons

TM: The new Reytons album What’s Rock And Roll? drops today. Following on from 2021’s Kids Off The Estate and a string of DIY singles (one of which boasts over 13 million listens on Spotify) this record looks positioned to galvanise your underground success into something even bigger. How has the music on this record evolved from your previous releases?

Reytons: I wouldn't say our music has evolved too much because we've gotten to a point where we're enjoying what we're making - we're of the mind that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, that being said, this record channels a shitload more aggression, potentially festered from having doors slammed in our faces time and time again.

TM: No label. No backing. All Reytons. It’s your mantra, your philosophy and your calling card. Why has staying independent and label-free been so important for you guys at this stage of your career?

Reytons: We're not kidding ourselves, it's not always been by choice! Particularly at the beginning, we were in a position where nobody wanted to know who we were, let alone work with us. As we've grown, especially recently, interest probably has increased, but after being independent and doing the leg work for so long, we truly believe that with the might of our loyal fanbase behind us, we can crack this and do it by ourselves!

TM: After months of speculation, you announced a hometown show at Utilita Arena Sheffield in September 2023, for which over 75% of tickets are already gone. You are an Arena act; the local area and scene are obviously of huge importance to the band. How have you focussed your energies to grow such remarkable grassroots support?

Reytons: It's difficult to pinpoint, to be honest - one of the things we were keen to avoid is over-saturating ourselves. We've sold out every headline we've ever played in South Yorkshire and we firmly believe that we wouldn't have achieved that if we'd gone straight out and played a gig every week in the beginning.

"We've spent time planning the next jump and doubling capacity every time" - Reytons

We're also dead transparent - we write and sing about what we see and represent everyday people, not just in the local area, but up and down the UK. I think that's something that people can really connect to.

TM: Finally, why should anyone whose first taste of Reytons is this article head to your Official Store and order a copy of What’s Rock And Roll?

If this has piqued your interest, give us a little listen. If you don't like it, join the others on Twitter and slag us off. But if you do, we'd appreciate you grabbing a physical copy to help us take on the big boys in the charts next week!

Whats Rock And Roll? is available now on limited edition coloured vinyl formats, limited edition cassette formats, signed CD and a 'create your own bundle' feature.

Enter our exclusive giveaway to be in with a chance of winning a signed, sold-out Blood Records Zoetrope Vinyl of What's Rock And Roll?

The winner will be chosen on Monday 30th January 2023.

N.B: If the competition entry module is inaccessible, enter the giveaway directly via the button below.

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