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TM Breakthrough Vol. 25

As the summer season gradually draws to a close, Townsend Music offers the 25th edition of TM Breakthrough, presenting the hottest up-and-coming acts on the platform. Today, we're serving up an infectious Eurodance track from a viral social media sensation, an indie band's cinematic opus and intriguing soundscapes from an experimental duo.


The Clockworks - Exit Strategy

For Fans Of: The Sherlocks, The Royston Club

Galway-bred London-based The Clockworks have released their first single 'Westway', preceding their debut album, Exit Strategy. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Grammy-winning producer Bernard Butler (Suede, The Libertines, Sophie Ellis-Bextor) the band has created an album that centres around a protagonist who moves from Galway to London in search of meaning.

The album promises encounters with manipulative bosses, evil ad agencies, a broken pact to flee to Australia, a drunk singer dressed as Jesus and much more. The Clockworks weave pop sensibilities with noisy, post-punk, rock-influenced stylings and have received acclaim from the likes of Annie Mac, Iggy Pop, Steve Lamacq and Simon Le Bon.

"We were always sure we wanted the album to be greater than the sum of its parts, so decided to create the world of a film, entitled Exit Strategy” - James McGregor

Out 10th November, Exit Strategy can be pre-ordered from The Clockworks Official Store on CD, Signed Splatter and Black Vinyl with bundles including a free lyric sheet.


Kyle Gordon - Kyle Gordon is Great

For Fans Of: Temps, Jason Manford

Kyle Gordon is a New York-based comedian, actor, writer, songwriter and improviser. He has recently emerged as one of the most popular comedians on social, with over 3 million followers and almost a billion views across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Gordon's parody Eurodance song, 'Planet of the Bass', a song he describes as "a decade in the making" has taken over social media before it's even been officially released, amassing over 105m views in the weeks since it was published. This November comes the debut album of parody music featuring songs from his beloved characters including DJ Crazy Times, Tanja McCabe, Antonio Frankfurt and more.

"My first record is the culmination of years of comedy characters and genre parodies that I have developed in my unique live show" - Kyle Gordon

Visit the Kyle Gordon Store to purchase a digital download of 'Kyle Gordon is Great' along with various exclusive merchandise.


Venera - Venera

For Fans Of: Loathe, Soen

The debut album from the experimental electronic project Venera is formed by James "Munky" Shaffer (Korn) and Chris Hunt.

The release features appearances by Jacob Duzsik (HEALTH), Rizz (VOWWS), Alain Johannes and Deantoni Parks. So far there have been two single releases with the tracks 'Swarm' and 'Hologram'.

The self-titled album will be released 13th of October but can be pre-ordered on Black and Limited Edition Snowy White Vinyl along with CD on the Ipecac Official European Store.


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