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TM Breakthrough Vol. 28

As we move closer to the festive period, allow us to treat you to some outstanding up-and-coming artists ready to bring some light to the shorter days and longer nights this season. From therapeutic pop, inventive UK garage and elevated drill to some good old-fashioned garage rock, this is Townsend Music Breakthrough.


Elina - Whatever Happens Now

For Fans Of: Shy Martin, Phoebe Bridgers

Elina Stridh, hailing from Stockholm, is a prominent Swedish singer/songwriter who has established a robust presence in the music industry. Her notable achievements include co-writing the multi-platinum single 'Sexual' for NEIKED, and contributing to songs for renowned artists such as Maroon 5, Zara Larsson, Hilary Duff and Astrid S in recent years.

In 2018, Elina debuted as a solo artist with her single ‘Wild Enough’, and after numerous singles and a couple of EP releases her debut album came out in October this year. Titled Whatever Happens Now, it was written throughout the pandemic with two close friends and was a therapeutic experience that helped Elina process and overcome challenges faced at the time, both in her personal and professional lives.

Over the past several years, I’ve learned a lot about acceptance and letting go of resistance. There’s this glimpse of hope and peace to these new songs, which I think comes from a lot of positive change within." - Elina

Whatever Happens Now can be ordered on the Official Elina Store, available on Signed Vinyl with an Exclusive Signed Poster also available.


KiLLOWEN - Pub Therapy

For Fans Of: Nia Archives, Antony Szmierek

Hailing from Hayes Town, West London, 23-year-old KiLLOWEN is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and vocalist. Picking up his first instrument at the tender age of 8, producing by 13 and writing at 14, in less than 10 years he is pushing forward with his own unique sound fusing UK garage, rap and Soul with support from the likes of Complex, NTS, DUMMY and BBC 1/ 1 Xtra.

KiLLOWEN's debut EP, Pub Therapy revolves around the central theme of the pub as a communal space where individuals often share their thoughts and feelings, even if it may be in an occasionally unhealthy manner. All of this unfolds against the infectious backdrop of his self-produced garage grooves.

“Everyone has something that they use to express themselves, maybe something that they're not so proud of. It's engraved into us, whether we like it or not, whether I like the beer or not.” - KiLLOWEN

Pub Therapy is available to order from the KiLLOWEN Store on CD.


M1OnTheBeat - M1OnTheBeat The Mixtape CD

For Fans Of: Central Cee, Digga D

M1OnTheBeat is a British producer from London, who is often credited as a driving force behind the evolution of UK Drill, having produced for some of the genre’s flag bearers including Headie One, Loski and Digga D. Over three years in the making, M1OntheBeat's long-awaited solo project is finally on the horizon and a defining moment as he steps out further to establish himself as an artist in his own right.

M1OnTheBeat The Mixtape CD is a testament to his dedication to music since the age of 16 and his fierce commitment to elevating black music in the UK to a new plateau - one where it is critically and commercially acknowledged as a powerhouse. With a natural flair for spotlighting the very best talent, across 15 tracks, M1 enlists the very best names in the UK rap game with appearances from Headie One, K-Trap, Digga D, Knucks, Meekz, Kojey Radical, French The Kid and more.

"When I started creating this beat, I wanted to try something different. The instrumental at its core is drill, but I’ve pushed the boundaries, challenged myself and added elements you wouldn’t typically hear on a beat of mine." - M1OnTheBeat on 'Cristale'

Visit the M1OnTheBeat Store to pre-order the upcoming mixtape on CD.


Home Counties - Exactly As It Seems

For Fans Of: Yard Act, Confidence Man

Having shared a childhood in a quaint village near Buckinghamshire, in 2023 Home Counties relocated to London, welcoming Lois Kelly as their newest vocal addition. Prioritising the beauty in the ordinary and unanimously leaning into a fun, exploratory way of thinking, debut album Exactly As It Seems presents a dance-orientated sensibility and ambitious inventive attention to detail, all with a focus on melody in its purest form.

Their first single from the album 'Bethnal Green' embodies synth-driven melodies and catchy pop hooks. The song's lyrics delve into the complex discourse of gentrification in an area, tackling the internal conflict of participating in the transformation of an area while feeling guilt and the need to justify their presence.

"Every song basically felt like a dance song: that’s the music we like to listen to and the shows we want to go to." - Will Harrison

Pre-order Exactly As It Seems on Exclusive Red Vinyl, Milky Clear Vinyl, Red Cassette, CD and Exclusive Merchandise with all pre-order bundles including an Exclusive Signed Lyric Sheet on the Official Home Counties.


Real Farmer - End Scene

For Fans Of: Idles, The Mary Wallopers

Stalwarts of the Groningen garage punk scene, Real Farmer are the latest signings to Peter Doherty's Strap Originals label. As active members of the vibrant local music scene with their wonderfully infectious punk noise, Real Farmer's debut album Compare What's There finds the band concocting fast-paced, driving songs with wiry riffs, propelling drums, and winding melodies.

Real Farmer embodies a no-nonsense attitude while giving it all on stage. Their hometown, Groningen is one of the youngest cities in Europe, thanks in part to a ‘do it yourself’ nonprofit attitude, of which Real Farmer have become an integral part. Compare What’s There was produced by Niek Van Den Driesschen and recorded at Far Out Sound Studios in Rotterdam.

Pre-order Compare What's There on Green Vinyl with a free A2 Poster from the Real Famer Official Store.



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