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TM Breakthrough Vol. 30

Continuing the momentum into 2024, Townsend Music presents our second TM Breakthrough of the year. Prepare yourself for the latest in pop perfection, classic rock, righteous rap, poetic punk and low-fi electronica and remember, you heard it here first.


Corella - Once Upon A Weekend

For Fans Of: Circa Waves, The K's

This upcoming May, Corella, the pop-rock band hailing from Manchester will unveil their debut album titled Once Upon A Weekend. The album's title draws inspiration from the band's early struggles when they juggled full-time jobs while striving for success in the music scene. With a dedicated following and airplay on BBC Radio 1, Corella presents an album aimed at uplifting listeners and spreading positivity.

Formed in their first years of university studying music, Corella met after being placed in the same university halls, bonding over their shared love of indie bands such as Foals and Two Door Cinema Club, along with classic pop and rock including The Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Dire Straits.

"We were determined not to make a middle-of-the-road indie record, but equally, we still wanted to make something that made people feel good, that they’d love listening to." - Corella

Once Upon A Weekend can be ordered on the Official Corella Store, available on Bone Vinyl and CD plus merch bundles.


Dea Matrona - For Your Sins

For Fans Of: Fleetwood Mac, The Last Dinner Party

Irish rock duo Dea Matrona is set to release their highly-anticipated debut album, For Your Sins, on May 3rd. Their blend of pop and classic rock draws influences from iconic acts like Fleetwood Mac, HAIM, and The White Stripes. This debut release serves as an ideal introduction for newcomers, poised to captivate listeners with Dea Matrona's infectious aura.

Dea Matrona comprises two school friends, Mollie McGinn and Orlaith Forsythe, who grew up busking to their favourite rock ‘n’ roll anthems on the streets of Belfast, covering the likes of Led Zeppelin’s 'Whole Lotta Love' and Simon & Garfunkel’s 'Homeward Bound'. The first snippet of their debut album comes from their brand new single, 'Stuck on You' which carries the band's ethos and tells the story of being hopelessly drawn to someone's charm.

"It’s a record about trying to find ourselves & failing over & over again until we realised that part of the fun of being in Dea Matrona is that we’ll never really know who we are or what we want to say." - Dea Matrona

For Your Sins is available to order from the Dea Matrona Store on Exclusive Marbled Red Vinyl with 12" Print, Limited Edition Blue Vinyl, CD and Cassette.


Nemzzz - Do Not Disturb

For Fans Of: Loyle Carner, Potter Payper

Mancunian rapper Nemzzz will be releasing his debut mixtape Do Not Disturb on March 15th. The release will be Nemzzz's biggest drop with 11 tracks; the first taste of the mixtape comes from the new single 'L'S', a track built on relaxed drill beats and Saxophone whilst Nemzzz makes reflective observations on his social and work relationships.

The mixtape took influence from Nemzzz's introverted personality with the rapper stating he regularly leaves his phone on the DND setting as he prefers to keep to himself. This outlook on life has fuelled Nemzzz to be the next biggest thing as he tries to better himself musically whilst finding a focus growing up in Gorton.

"Coming from that tough environment gave me some type of beast mode and hunger to change my life, and that’s what I want people from Gorton to take from me."- Nemzzz on Complex UK

Do Not Disturb is available to pre-order from the Nemzzz Official Store on CD and Cassette plus merch bundles.


Big Special - Postindustrial Hometown Blues

For Fans Of: Idles, The Streets

Postindustrial Hometown Blues is the title of Big Special's debut album. The Birmingham punk duo are a band that wishes to explore the bleak and beautiful honesty of a nation in an ever-growing state of depression through personal experience, poetry, perspective as well as varied and creative music.

Big Special emerged during the lockdown period, although Joe Hicklin and Callum Moloney had previously collaborated in a couple of bands over a decade ago. Drawing inspiration from Sleaford Mods and hip hop, the duo's minimal yet captivating live performances make a lasting impression alongside their music.

"The album offers no answers, it is just an honest expression of a working-class experience in modern England through the eyes of ill mental health, a pursuit of art and political disenchantment; a story of rumination, realisation and reaction."- Joe Hicklin

Visit the Official Big Special Store to pre-order the upcoming debut album on Red Vinyl. Coloured Cassette, CD and bundles.


rEDOLENT - dinny greet

For Fans Of: King Krule, Everything Everything

Edinburgh-based rEDOLENT's debut album dinny greet was created with the band as the sole creators. It marks a moment for brothers Danny and Robin Herbert with Andrew Turnbull (Drums), Robbie White (Bass) and Alice Hancock (Live Sampler, Backing Vocals) taking control while confident in their warped take on the world, offering harsh reality and joyous escapism.

The Lo-Fi Electronic outfit has unveiled their debut single from the upcoming album. Titled 'jUST tRYING tO rELAX', the song delves into the intricate realms of anxiety, portraying its confusion and chaos. Accompanying the release is a music video that offers a first-person perspective of a panic attack.

“When you hear a song and you’re transported somewhere. That’s been my thing from the start, I’ve had such huge feelings from attaching songs to things. So that’s what I’m doing, I’m attaching songs to memories, to photos.” - Robin Herbert

Pre-order dinny greet on Transparent Blue Vinyl, CD and bundles which include an exclusive Signed 12" Print on the rEDOLENT Store.


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