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TM Breakthrough Vol. 34

With Glastonbury taking place last weekend festival season is in full swing, so allow us to introduce you to a host of artists who could be your future headliners. Running the gamut from sunshine indie rock to moonlit death pop, this is Townsend Music Breakthrough 34.


Gia Ford - Transparent Things

For Fans Of: mary in the junkyard, Marika Hackman

Alternative pop artist Gia Ford has announced her highly-anticipated debut album Transparent Things for release on 13th September. Recorded in LA at the renowned Sound City Studios with legendary producer Tony Berg (known for his work on celebrated albums including Phoebe BridgersStranger in the Alps and Punisher).

For Gia, those figures on the fringes of society are by far the most fascinating. Her songs tell the stories of the downtrodden to the downright dangerous. And through them, we begin to hear familiar, uncomfortable truths about ourselves.

"Most of the characters in these songs are outcasts, all with unique ways of feeling on the periphery, somehow." - Gia Ford

Transparent Things can be pre-ordered on the Gia Ford Official Store, available on Signed Clear Vinyl and Signed CD along with merch bundles.


Jack Jones

For Fans Of: Trampolene, Pete Doherty

Having established himself as a guitar-slinging matinee idol fronting Welsh riot starters Trampolene and playing in Peter Doherty’s band the Puta Madres. Jack Jones releases his debut album Jack Jones on Friday September 20th. For this album, Jack has hung up his guitar and embraced a fresh and highly contemporary sound in which to couch his hard-hitting State of the Nation poems of contemporary fear and loathing.

The album tackles many of today’s burning preoccupations: mental health, drug addiction, mortality, and the tortuous demands of technology. There’s also joy and hope in there, and some of his catchiest tunes so far, such as the single 'Breathe'.

“Luckily, sometimes, out of the darkest places, glimmers can appear, and that’s what this song is…a chapter of resilience, finding a way to keep going, finding a way to believe in a future, finding a way to BREATHE.” - Jack Jones

The self-titled album can be pre-ordered from the Jack Jones Store on Signed CD, Orange Vinyl and Green Vinyl. Both include a Signed Postcard Set.


Stanleys - The Gallery

For Fans Of: The K's, The Lathums

Wigan's newest indie pop band Stanleys come from an influence of 60s guitar music and 90s Britpop. The band see themselves as next in a long line of musicians to emerge from a northwestern town with bands and artists ranging from George Formby and Junior to Starsailor and The Lathums. The lads are soon set to support one of their local heroes, The Verve's Richard Ashcroft at a homecoming show.

Formed during their college days the band have been building their fan base and now have a new EP this August. Titled The Gallery, the four-track EP will contain the singles 'I'll Try', 'He Knows' and 'She's Done It Again'.

"'She's Done It Again' is a culmination of the steps forward we are taking promising to elevate the atmosphere at each live show, while also serving as the pinnacle of our recorded sound." - Stanleys

The Gallery can be pre-ordered from the Stanleys Store on Signed 12 Inch Vinyl.


High Parasite - Forever We Burn

For Fans Of: My Dying Bride, Type O Negative

Long-standing frontman of My Dying Bride, Aaron Stainthorpe's new band High Parasite have announced their debut album Forever We Burn will be released September 27th. The band is comprised of Sam Hill (Guitar), Jonny Hunter (Guitar), Dan Brown (Drums) and Tombs (Bass).

The death pop band released their first single 'Let It Fail' off the new album, produced by the legendary Gregor Mackintosh of Paradise Lost who added some signature guitar lines and programming across the ten tracks.

"This is not a side project. It’s a new touring and recording band, and with ‘Forever We Burn’, our debut studio album, we’re showing our love for all things gothic and grand, along with a collective belief that dark music doesn’t have to be confined to the shadows." - Aaron Stainthorpe

Pre-order Forever We Burn on White Vinyl, Red Vinyl and CD from the Candlelight Records Store.


Deep Fried Sunshine - Gold Transmissions

For Fans Of: The Darkness, Frank Zappa

Deep Fried Sunshine is the duo of Christian Fleetwood (The Byson Family) and Dan Hawkins (The Darkness). Their debut LP Gold Transmissions is a blend of Laurel Canyon's iconic West Coast jangle sound, reinterpreted through the lens of Glaswegian PowerPop.

An alternative, imaginative album that melds tradition with a contemporary perspective, the album was produced and engineered by Dan at his Hawkland Studios studio.

"Growing up in Glasgow in the late 90s, I was immersed in a music scene influced by a lot of classic Western sounds, yet sharped by the edgier, more lyrically stark realities of people who lived under Thatcher's Britain in the 80's." - Dan Hakwins

Pre-Order Gold Transmissions on Purple Marble Vinyl from the Deep Fried Sunshine Official Store.


Nino Uptown - UNDERRATED

For Fans Of: Nafe Smallz, Digga D

London-born melodic rapper Nino Uptown has been on the rise over the past few years with single and EP releases, now available is his debut album, UNDERRATED. The album features collaborations with artists such as 24wavey, Malzo and Cisco and has the hit singles 'G41', 'Love Is Blind' and 'Gotham'.

Taking influence on the American rap scene, Nino brings signature mellow trap beats with auto-tuned vocals that have earned him a growing reputation amongst his peers. On 'Love Is Blind' both Nino and Malzo detail the difficulties of their environments along with the trials and tribulations of their ambition.

"Sometimes when I make music, I can get stuck on the same vibe, so I need to linkup with someone new to bring a different energy to the music." - Nino Uptown on Clash

Out now, order UNDERRATED on CD with merch bundles from the Nino Uptown Official Store.



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