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Tom Speight - Interview & Album Goodies Giveaway

London’s melodic storyteller Tom Speight has today released his new studio album Love & Light, described by Surrey Rocks as a "powerful exploration of love, loss, and hope, delving deep into his own personal experiences and emotions". Tom has answered Townsend Music's questions about the new record and offers up a handwritten lyric sheet of his song ‘The One’ plus an exclusive Polaroid from the song's video shoot and a Love & Light candle for one lucky winner!


Love & Light is the third album from UK singer-songwriter Tom Speight. The record is both a wonderful evolution in Tom's songwriting and perhaps his most personal, heartfelt work so far. Inspired by pivotal moments, the album examines everything from family strife to heartbreak and abandonment and exhibits some of the most confident, refined songwriting of his career. Set against lush soundscapes of beautifully textured guitars, agile strings and bright piano notes, these songs delve into the wonders of new love; reach out to a beloved sister; celebrate a close friend's good news.

"I've touched on things in this record that I've never spoken about before; it's without doubt my most personal to date" - Tom Speight

TM: From plays on Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to appearances on Sunday Brunch and Good Morning Britain, it’s fair to say that the lead-up to Love & Light sees you at the most visible of your career. On the cusp of all this excitement, how does it feel to finally drop the album?

Tom Speight: I’m super excited to share the record! It's been amazing to have so many champions from the industry. I grew up watching Zoe Ball and Ben Shepherd on TV so I feel extremely lucky to have them champion my music. It really helps to get the songs out there.

TM: You've said that Love & Light is your most personal album to date and, conceptually, you felt like each track is a letter to someone in your life. Why, now at your third album, was the time right for you to turn your lyrical focus inwards?

TS: I think it was a knock-on effect from the last record; the last record was a very uplifting, hopeful record but I felt on this record I needed to delve a little bit deeper. That’s why I wanted to write about things closer to home.

TM: The ‘Let Go’ video is remarkable in that it has contributions from your fans, mouthing the lyrics of the song, from all over planet Earth. How did you go about getting the video made and were you surprised at just how much support you got internationally?

TS: I put a thing on my social media saying, basically, "do you wanna appear in my next music video?" I never expected to have so many different countries submitted to the video. It really blew my mind! I can’t wait to go back to so many of them.

TM: Speaking of ‘Let Go’, Carey Willetts (formerly of Athlete) co-wrote and co-produced the track. Will you be doing more collaborative work in the future?

TS: Carey has become a really good friend of mine. I love working with him since it doesn’t really feel like work if I’m honest and yeah 100% I’ll be doing more in the future.

TM: Future live plans include your own headline dates over the next few months, as well a tour in November supporting Embrace on their November tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Good Will Out. Were you a fan of Embrace before being asked to do the tour and how has that anthemic period of British indie-rock influenced your own writing?

TS: I love Embrace - I’ve always been a fan, ever since I remember when I was a kid doing my paper round. You can definitely hear inspiration on tracks like ‘Beautiful Feeling’ and ‘Trick Of The Light’.

"It’s a pinch-me moment to support some of your musical heroes"

TM: Finally, we at Townsend Music are proud advocates for physical formats (including your own Cyan Vinyl, CD and Signed Cassette editions!). Here in 2023, what is your preferred medium for listening to music?

TS: Vinyl! I love Vinyl! One of my favourite things is going to a record store and buying vinyl - it’s the best.

Love & Light is out now on Cyan Vinyl, CD and Cassette. Order from this store for the chance to win a Vinyl Test Pressing!

Enter our exclusive giveaway to win a Tom Speight handwritten lyric sheet of his song ‘The One’ plus an exclusive Polaroid from the song's video shoot and a Love & Light candle!

The winner will be chosen on Monday 21st August 2023.

N.B: If the competition entry module is inaccessible, enter the giveaway directly via the button below.

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