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Townsend Music Rock Roundup

Once again we delve into the darker realms of Townsend Music to take a walk with the heaviest hitters across our artist stores. This Rock Roundup showcases a spectrum of sub-genres with styles from emo power-punk to guitar virtuosity and beyond, all united by their single-minded capacity to rock our worlds.


Hot Milk - I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I'm Dead

Manchester's dual-fronted Hot Milk return with their second EP I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I'm Dead, due for release on 10th September, following the success of the band's first EP Are You Feeling Alive? and a 2019 stint of touring with the likes of Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana and You Me At Six. Their sound blends together pop, emo along with classic rock and punk but the band are careful to not pin themselves down as one genre.

The brand new EP, produced by Jim Shaw, is a vivacious call to arms, to encourage everyone, everywhere, to follow their dreams but elsewhere, the lyrics are more personal, with the band bottling anxieties and frustrations of their everyday lives.

"Life is fragile. You can't take things with you, but you can make the best memories. That's the most important thing in life." - Han Mee, Hot Milk

Check out the range of formats and special bundles including coloured vinyl and CD along with exclusive merch bundles on the official Hot Milk Store.


Employed To Serve - Conquering

Employed To Serve announce their return with their fourth album Conquering, a follow-up to Eternal Forward Motion, which is their most metal offering to date. Formed in 2013, their music is abrasive and unforgiving but the band continuing positive theme in their music.

When the pandemic hit, the band spent their time focusing on writing their fourth album, refusing to be derailed and pause like a lot of the world. Lead vocalist Justine Jones explains, "Conquering is about rising above adversity and self-doubt. We're really excited to share our latest album I feel it’s our best work to date."

Their latest single 'Exist' is a song that celebrates the highs and lows of existing, whilst the video also captures the excitement of being a pre-teen discovering the joy that is music. Check out the new single below.

Available to pre-order on a range of coloured vinyl, CD and alongside exclusive merch.


Sleep Token - This Place Will Become Your Tomb

The ever enigmatic Sleep Token have just announced details of their second album, This Place Will Become Your Tomb, produced by George Lever. The band first gained attention back in 2017 for their brilliant Two EP and cover of Outkast's classic hit 'Hey Ya'. The musical collective blends an array of styles whilst set to a background of anonymity.

The new 12-track offering delves further into the mysterious universe of Sleep Token, pushing boundaries and blurring genres whilst retaining their signature sounds. Their latest single is 'Alkaline', which the band say "collectively conveys a sense of darkness and evil, but also power and control."

Visit the store and pre-order a copy of the album, available on coloured vinyl, CD alongside exclusive merch.


Tremonti - Marching In Time

Tremonti returns with their fifth studio album, Marching In Time, due for release on September 24th. For the new album, frontman Mark Tremonti, who also plays guitar for Alter Bridge and Creed, has continued his formula of riff-heavy, technical blues but descended the conceptual style from the their last critically acclaimed, A Dying Machine.

Marching In Time is a reflective look at the world around us today and emerges as a charging rock/metal offering that takes the listener on 12 individual journeys. The new album will allow fans to take a personal look into Mark Tremonti's previous year as he learns how to establish himself into the world of parenthood during a global pandemic whilst preparing for life at that time.

Available to pre-order from the official store on limited edition silver double vinyl, black double vinyl and CD.


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